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We at Malcolm are aware that keeping our staff members hydrated will aid them to perform at their very best throughout the work day. As a result, we decided to invest in water dispensers from AquAid.

Our unique relationship with AquAid has also given our company the opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves, because with each purchase an automatic donation is made to the Africa Trust. These funds are used to build 'Elephant Pumps' – a modified version of an age old Chinese rope pulley system. One such pump is currently being installed in Africa on our behalf and it will be a much needed source of clean and fresh drinking water for many.

Our company's name will be proudly displayed on our well and we look forward to adding some photos and letters of thanks from the villagers to our site in the near future.

To date AquAid have built over 5,000 such Elephant Pumps across parts of Zimbabwe and Malawi; and have donated in excess of £8 million to charity.

The Africe Trust Well

In spite of the recent economic meltdown and current gloom hanging over the manufacturing Industry, there is some positive and exciting news at Malcolms, the largest independent electropainter in the UK.

Our latest Electropaint plant has just been commisioned meaning we now have 3 EP plants on this site. This gives us unrivalled flexibility, as well as increased capacity and a better ability to meet our customers’ diverse range of needs. This includes the potential for extremely competitive prices in areas where we can take advantage of our new innovative jigging and logistical processes, which can offer significant savings.

The new installation allows us to electropaint over 3 metres in length, 2 metres deep and up to 500kg in weight. In addition to this we have the ability to treat the deposits on laser cut edges, which can remove the need for costly shot blasting in many cases. This edge treatment is available on all of our 3 Electropaint plants, giving us total flexibility throughout the full size range, as well as providing optimum contingency in the unlikely event of a plant breakdown.

Established since 1946, we have grown through several recessions, each time, through investment and innovation we have come out of these situations fitter and stronger, with the ability to react quickly and efficiently to the benefit of all of our customers. These traditional business values of self-sufficiency, financial independence and stability, constant reinvestment and determination will see us through these tough times and lead us into a new era of growth.

We look forward to working through these difficult times with the latest state of the art technology, a long serving and dedicated team and simple hard work, which has been the driving force behind Malcolms for over 60 years.

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