The automotive sector has traditionally been diverse, technically demanding and challenging. Since 1946, we have developed and grown our electropainting processes under these often extreme requirements to become the leading outwork automotive electropainter in the UK. With our vast knowledge and team of highly experienced and long serving employees, we continue to meet and exceed all of our customers’ and end-user requirements to maintain our lead in the market.

Agricultural and Commercial

With the crossover of quality requirements from automotive to things such as vans, heavy trucks, tractors, earthmovers, tracked vehicles etc, the need for good quality finishes and excellent corrosion resistance has become the key factor in the development of this type of product. No longer are tractors being left to rust in fields, the expectation is for them to last like the new generation of cars. As a result Electropaint has become the normal requirement as the high corrosion resisting base coat, with powdercoat as the cosmetic and UV resistant finishing surface treatment.

With many of the larger components being laser cut, the ability of all of our plants to treat these effectively prior to EP, means that the potential for adhesion failure on these edges is removed.


Wherever a good quality, uniform primer coating is needed, Electropaint is always ready to provide what is required. Although traditionally seen as an automotive product Electropaint (EP) is often used as a primer for things such as electrical cabinets, racking, pump housings, pipe fittings, street furniture, the list is endless. With powder as a topcoat it is becoming a replacement for some of the more traditional primers such as galvanising or pre-coated steels.